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Top 3 Europe destinations

If you want to travel in central Europe, look at my top 3 favorites destinations

3 – Croatia

Between seaside and mountain, with a lot of UNESCO World heritage places, at the crossroads of European civilizations , Croatia is a one of the countries to visit.

Before visiting Zagreb (actual capital of the country), you should make a detour by the Medvednica mountain. There you can enjoy snowy forests in the winter time, and of course a really nice hiking place. In this period of the year, with a stammering tourism, you will be in a really quiet place. More, Croatia offer a nice balance between price and quality.

Then, stop in Zagreb to visit it cathedral, the old city, and it’s opera house. The city has a lot of cultural assets to offer.

The croatian coast has a lot of wealths. A lot of beautiful islands on Adriatic sea. We shoud’nt forget the famous Plitvice national park, with it’s waterfalls, natural lakes – a real freedom place for wildlife.


2 – München

Capital of Bavaria, Munich is an unmissable destination. Of course, the world famous annual event OktoberFest (Beer Festival) has contributed to its fame. Meetings, music, food, fun fair, and of course blonds, browns, ambers beers  are on the program of this event who is placed on the Theresienwiese. München has a lot of cultural places, historical monuments, and museums that takes you several days for visiting.

1 – Vienna

Between tradition and modernity, the Austrian capital is my favorite! The city has a special atmosphere, indefinable, enchanting charm.

The Wiener Staatsoper – the highlight of European music, inaugurated in 1869, is undoubtedly the first place to be.

You should not miss the visit of Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens – true Austrian Versailles.

Finally, after walking through the many cobblestone streets of the city center, shopping in the Stephanplatz, a chocolate or a Viennese coffee – accompanied by a pastry – will impose itself on you.

Unfortunately, I can not draw up a list of all the magnificent places to visit in Vienna and its outskirts.

As for as I’m concerned I would love coming back here one of these days!


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