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Hidden place in Provence

Collobrières – Hidden place in Provence

Our old time heritage

It’s in an old town, where I propose to guide you for this first blog post. This hidden place is located somewhere in Provence. Between sea and mountains. This place is called “Collobrières” and it’s typically french. French flags flutter in the wind to celebrate the National Day. Here the time seems to be stopped. The cobbled streets are still empty in the middle of afternoon and probably till the evening. Sometimes you can see a cat passing by. 

French Flag collobrières 

 _img2433tredCollobrières BridgeThis village, is really famous for chestnuts, and each year there is a big “chesnuts celebration” in this smal old town. From the XVIIe century there is some originals recipes, who are called Candied Chesnuts. In the winter time, near christmas, it’s the tradition to offer some Candied Chesnuts, and eat them with friends and family. In provence they are part of the traditionnals 13 desserts.

Today in Collobrières, one famous old factory keep the chesnut’s traditions. The “Confiserie Azuréenne” is still doing these famous candied chesnuts and some other gourmands specialities like artisanal ice creams, and chesnut’s jams.

Confiserie azuréenne collobrières

If one day you are visiting Provence, take a while to visit Collobrières. Keep in mind that this old town was more alive in a near past, as witnessed this closed grocery few years ago. By visiting this place, you will help Collobrière staying alive.

Collobrières Grocery

Collobrières Church

This is a part of our “Old time heritage”, the time where people were moving from campaigns to towns to get some jobs. Today jobs are moving more far away…

There is a beautiful  historical, cultural and religious heritage also to keep alive for furthers generations, in the image of this church in Collobrières or this old monastery called “Chartreuse de la Verne” built in the XIIe century.

Chartreuse de la Verne

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