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Cheap price for traveling in Europe ? Try Slovenia

Why wouldn’t you go to visit Slovenia ?

At Europe gates, somewhere between Italy and Austria, you should visit a tiny lovely country : Slovenia
This country born in 1991 due to its independence with Yugoslavia presents a lot of cultural and touristic major interests.

First its capital city : Ljubljana.

Ljubljana – Slovenian capital city

Both literally and figuratively Ljubljana is the center of this small country of a little more than 20 000 Km² (33 times less than France territory). When you visit Slovenia, sometimes you’re going back in time. Indeed, the country was for longtemps under Bavarian, Veniatian or Habsbourgs rule. Slovenian culture is really impregnated with all this time periods as witnessed historical monuments – which make city’s charm.

For exemple (photo on the right side) the franciscan Church of the Annunciation

The Castle of Ljubljana is another historical city heritage’s masterpiece. The latter offers a beautiful panorama of this city bordered by the Alps.

Bled – Touristic Jewel

Haven’t you ever seen, thousand times one photo of this “time-stopped place”, in a book, on TV or in a movie ?
Close to the austrian border you will find this amazing place where the light’s color is never the same.

In the center of this natural lake of 1,45 Km² is the only island of the country. On this island you will discorver an old Neo-gothic church – built in the 15th century

Here it’s a high slovenian tourist place. Many boatmen will propose to drive you here. But the island is not the only attraction there. A 11th century castle, a steam train, caves, waterfall and restaurants are a part of activities that “Bled” could propose you.

Slovenia – An Attractive country

Beside Slovenian monuments interest, landscapes beauty, there is another element who’ll guarantee you a wonderful visit : slovenian people warmness. The latter speak virtually all English and are truly welcoming. The cost of living is quite reasonable here. The typical Ljubljana market and the shops around there who provide local productions are the best way for you to bring back nice souvenirs in your luggage. Don’t hesitate to try couchsurfing and sleep at home with slovenian people. That’s a nice and original way to meet and speak warmly with real world people. That’s I did during my European trip. I met a really nice Slovenian couple “Hanna & Jerneh”.

For your next journey, try Slovenia.

On the photo me and Hanna at her place in Ljubljana

More informations :

Livre : Capitales Européennes – Road-trip d’un français sur le vieux continent (Éditions Corde-Rouge 2016)

Slovenia Tourism Office Website

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